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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Adventures


The Story
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Coming Adventures/Rules
Coming Adventures/Rules

(Rules beneath COMING SOON)

1. The Power of One:

Lost in a hidden tomb, Indiana Jones discovers a secret map, which shows 'the way to glory.' Upon his return to Princeton, he is caught in a web of deadly lies, deathly murders, and a violent leader of a Secret Cult...

2. The Wartime secret

After embarking on a dangerous secret mission, Indy finds himself trapped behind enemy lines, with no form of escape, leading a 5 man squad. Only his courage can save them, when they uncover a terrible plot to murder every civilian in Poland...

3. Armies of Death

The confrontation between the allies and Axis have been well known, but after overhearing a plan of a German General, Indy races against time to save the world against an army carrying the Power of Set...


1. This is an adventure/action genre. NOT romance, so nothing unsuitable please.

2. Indy is NOT the type of person who will go into space. stick to the 1930's adventurer.

3. NO RUN INS! Indy must NOT meet Luke Skywalker, Han solo, or anyone else.

4. Get Indy into tight spots, but PLEASE GET HIM BACK OUT!

5. Have fun while writing these stories!

6. Keep to these Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!