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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Adventures


The Story
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The Story

Can YOU decide Indy's fate?

The story so far. (SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO ME VIA

The danger in the Temple was growing. Jones could sense it in his bones. He pulled the jewel off the pedestal, and winced as....nothing happened.

With a fresh smirk on his face, Proffesser Indiana Jones triumphantly stepped down onto the trap. He crashed through the floor, and started to fall to his death towards a pool of steamy lava. Luckily, he whipped himself to safety, moment before his gun holster fell into the pit.

More bothered about his current state of health than his gun, he ran towars the door, leaping over burning pits. Ahead, he saw the light of the jungle outside, and pushed himself harder. faster, faster, but he tripped, and slid into the pit of Death.

The jewel landed on an outsticking piece of rock, but he pulled himself to freedom, and ran out of the tunnel, as a huge tower collapsed behind him.

He stared in disbelief at himself, then at the entrance, and then back at himself.

Slowly, and untriumphantly, Indiana Jones limped back to the waiting plane.

Coming soon,

A new tale, entitled: Indiana jones and the Second meeting.

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