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 STAR DORKS- The Resident Comedy 

STAR DORKS- Episode 1
"The Phantom Thing"

Not too long ago, in a galaxy far enough away for anyone not to care about it...
THE REBEL MATHIAS is in turmoil. Since most of the good guys were killed by the evil EMMA-PIRE, lead by DARTH JOHN W., everyone has run away in terror.
But all hope is not lost. RUKE MOONWALKER, searching for his missing father DANAKIN SKYRUNNER, has stumbled across PRINCESS BENIA, who was travelling across the galaxy on the Rocketboard PUKESALOT IV. He decides to help her, and they escape quickly to the planet TATOOOOOINE, where Benia is immediatly captured by the EMMA-PIRE.
MARKABALD SOLO and his greatest friend in the galaxy, OWBACCA, go looking for a strange old man named OBI WAN DAVEOBI. They also end up on TATOOOOOINE. But none of them know (EXCEPT PERHAPS DARTH JOHN W.) that the evil behind it all is really....................................................................................
..................................................THE EVIL HENPORER!!!!!!...

ONE:     Ruke Moonwalker sat in the Cafeteria, listening to the hustle and bustle around him. He stared over at his Uncle, Mowin.
"Uncle Mowin, can I lend $200,000 to by the hyper deluxe, space going, super charged Rocketboard," He begged, for the fifth time that month.
"Pretty please?!!"
Ruke stared blankly through the hole in the Tatoooooine High School Cafeteria wall for a second. Then he said, "Okay, let's play the YES-NO game. You can't say yes, and you can't say no."
"Ah, ah, ah. No saying no. Now, question 1. Can I have the Rocketb oard?"
"Certainly not."
Darn. Ruke stared through the hole again. Stupid Uncle. Because of him, Riggs Firelighter was more popular, coller, and richer than him. And he'd gone off to join the Emmaperial Academy. Soon he's be in one of those 'LEAN MEAN SPACE DESTROYER MACHINE' things. This was so unfair it didn't make sense. Or it did, but Ruke was too stupid to realise. Or Ruke was braindead. Yeah the second one. |Anyway, it still wasn't fair. Stupid Uncle.
  Ruke sighed. he'd never get a Rocketboard like his father, Danakin Skyrunner. And Danakin was a Fledi Knight. With a power blade, or 'lightsaver.'
So was old man Daveobi, uncle Mowin's drinking pal. "Stay away from him when he's been drinking!" uncle Mowin had told him. "He's as demented as...well, he's just demented."
 But wasn't that him at the table over there, sharing a drink with a pilot and his fat companion? Yes! It was!
Ruke got up and ran over, narrowly dodging the ray of light that shot out from the plaster rifle of an inbound Lightning Trooper! unfortunatly, his Uncle Mowin was fat and old, and was hit, and fizzled away, leaving his wallet behind. Ruke ran over to the pile of ashes, picked up the wallet, and headed to the table.